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Good Evening All.We have been refused a local allotment is Wells (Wookey Hole).We are keen to find a plot somewhere that we can use to grow food etc. Happy for it to be a share etc.Can anyone help…Continue

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Older people living in care are twice as likely to experience loneliness as those in the community.We are looking for friendly volunteers with an interest in helping others to gardening, to support…Continue

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Planning officer opposing to agricultural organic project in Wedmore

for those new to AQUAPONICS it's a permaculture methods of growing your own fish and horticultural product in a whole man made eco system that works in harmony within itself.
I have an acre of land that use to be an ORGANIC MARKET GARDEN, I'm just triyng to put it in use again with a new AQUAPONIC farm project, and the planning officer are opposing to one noble idea of making food for the comunity in an organic way, If I would have to hire a consulent it will cost me £4000 and I found it disgracefull to use the money for this project to pay off some pen pusher to get the job done, I'm in need of help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me for more info on this matter.

Antonio 07916339020/01934710342

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What are you actually applying for?  e.g. are you applying to live on the site? Peter

I'm apply for permission to erect a coupple of commercial scale polytunnel on my land to protect fish and plant from pest and predators, but the planning officer concern is with traffic and the lapsed time from it's last usage(7 yrs).
I'm putting a worthless piece of land to a full use for the benefit of the enviroment and comunity, in many ways this is a revolutionary way of farming and produce fish too, if I was going to open a Saynsbury I would have get the green light tomorrow!

Well, I'm not an expert, but would make a few suggestions ...

Get as much as you can in writing - e.g. that they acknowledge that this is purely a food-based application (not an attempt to get pp for a house, which is what everyone is afraid of), exactly what their objections are ("traffic" by the way will be a Highways Department objection from SCC in Taunton, who always object to everything being done anywhere near anything resembling a road - the planner is probably trying to give you a coded warning about this), and so on.

Make it sound as "businessy" as possible - expected yields, waiting markets etc.

Instead of talking about environment - which I'm not sure that they care about, maybe focus on how planting (hedges, trees, etc.) will screen off any structures (e.g. the polytunnels) so that they are not visible, or so that the visual impact is broken up; and instead of "community", maybe focus on local production for local markets in a time of increasing risk of disruption to food supplies due to global uncertainties.  i.e. a move towards "food security", which it would be irresponsible to obstruct.

There are a few others in similar boats around here, and some of us have become so tired of it all that we just don't bother trying to do anything any more - so good luck!


Thank you so much Peter for your advice, it all make sense and the businnes plan proposal was clear about the objective of local food and the need of quality healthy food.
I've only just started this cause and there is no way I'm letting them opposing to mother nature, look at bees for instance they ere not worried about traffic, or legislation, they've been doing what is is in the nature of the colony only with survival in mind, and this is the only motivation I need , Bees have just showed me the way forward...just do it!

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